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2014 Tournament Standings




Attention Greater Ozarks Bowlers!

As many of you know, we had some disqualifications in the tournament, and we had an appeal to one of the disqualifications. As such, we had to go through USBC Headquarters to resolve the issue. As of 7/14, it has finally been resolved, and USBC has released holding on our payout process. We are given until a month from then to finish and send out the prize checks, however we hope to have everything complete and the checks mailed out by the end of July. We all thank you for your patience in the matter, and hope to see all of you again in the 57th Annual Greater Ozarks Open!

Also bowlers - please tell any bowlers you may know without social media. Very much appreciated!



Checks have been mailed out as of 8/6.

Thank you,

Chaz Brewer
Greater Ozarks Open Tournament Director


Singles: Low to Cash - 651

Doubles: Low to Cash - 1282

Team: Low to Cash - 3059

All Events Scratch: Low to Cash - 1955

Six-Game Combine: Low to Cash - 1323

Scratch Team: Low to Cash - 3265




2013 Tournament Results


Singles: Low to Cash - 638

Doubles: Low to Cash - 1254

Team: Low to Cash - 3054

All Events Scratch: Low to Cash - 1873

Six-Game Combine: Low to Cash - 1289

Scratch Team: Low to Cash - 3179




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